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Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

In brief:

Our goal is to make you succeed in your leadership transformation and set you on a clear path to effective management, achieving outstanding results through your team. The way we do that is through mentoring, coaching, and putting into practice the knowledge, insights, tips, and tools you are provided with. The program is designed to be fast-paced, intense, and practical, so that you enter this challenging career passage with a powerful velocity, giving your transformation momentum and direction. The results you get in every step of the way through practicing and accountability, are reinforcing your learning and move you from dreading to loving your new role.

— Why

The best people in the teams get promoted to join the most impactful management cohort of the first-line managers, having a direct impact on things like morale, motivation, culture, attitude, quality job satisfaction, retention, and more.

But most of the time, the novice managers are in for a shock. They have to worry for the first time about things like context, purpose, priorities, team capability, teamwork, job design, challenging and caring, development and growth, performance and rewards, technical results, hiring and firing, information, communication, just to name a few. Even experienced managers struggle with these things.

To succeed in their new role, the first time manager must undergo a significant transformation. This entails the most radical shift in work values, from all career level movements.

Ejected from their comfort zone and thrown out in the open with their new responsibility, the first time managers long for the time life was simpler. They were supposed to feel successful and recognized, but instead, they feel overwhelmed and insecure.

This makes them fall back to their previous individual contributor practices, or sometimes even roles.

Consequently, the result of their work is poor, their career path unclear, their life balance lost.

— What

As a first-time manager, you are going to recognize that you must make a permanent switch to a new level of thinking and doing, and that there’s no going back to your previous mindset and role.

You grasp a holistic understanding of the responsibilities of your new role.

You define the standards of a high-performing Manager of Others.

You leap in your mindset to use delegation as your growth engine.

This means that you put powerfully your team (the team you manage) in the center, enabling and supporting them, making them unstoppable, to deliver unprecedented results.

Thus, you have fulfilled the definition for a manager of your team – under your influence the team works best, better than without you or under the influence of someone else.

The results you’re delivering are strong and sustainable and acquired in the appropriate way – through your team.

You have built trust relationships with everyone around you. Your team has accepted your authority, which you exercise with conciseness and care. The relationship with your peers is straight, positive, respectful, and mutually supportive.

The relationship with your boss is beyond recognizable. You are a most valuable member of her team and she treats you as her partner. You are both available for each other and meet regularly to talk about goals, vision, and strategy for the team you manage, as opposed to just deadlines, reporting, and problems.

Your vision for your career is becoming clearer and ambitious.

Your balance will be restored too and you will feel liberated, empowered, and unstoppable.

Your life has changed forever.

— How

You will draw a parallel between your previous role of Individual Contributor and your new role of Managing Others, to understand that the chasm between these two roles is huge and there’s almost no comparing between them.

We will make a plan for your transformation journey and I’ll support you through this program and with my coaching to execute that plan.

You will progress in your leadership development and will transform your mindset to the level of Managing Others, by quickly learning through practicing, to terminate that unfulfilling, unproductive and exhausting existence at the doorsteps of the management profession.

For the first time as manager, you will achieve results that were previously out of reach for you. You will define high-performance goals at the appropriate management level and will reach these goals by accepting, learning, and applying the appropriate skills for that level.

The achievements and the new mindset will return to you the joy of work.

You will put things in order in your mind, redefine your work and free up time and energy to also redefine your future.

2. What can I expect on the call?

We’re going to be doing a brief coaching session on where you are in your current position, focusing on the things that don’t work presently for you. We are also going to probe into the ways this program can help you, to establish its relevance for you, for the problems you want to solve, and for the gains you want to have. If we determine that there’s a fit and I can help you with this program and with my coaching, we will talk about that. If we end up concluding that there’s no fit, I will still support you with direction towards resources that will help you.

3. Who is Stefan Avramtchev?

Stefan holds a M.Sc. degree in Software Engineering and is an engineer turned manager, who’s focusing on the adoption of authentic readership that’s fostering a culture of agility, and enabling many front-running businesses today. He’s been leading and coaching numerous small to medium sized teams, and individuals.